The King's Lynn Chiropractic Clinic is delighted to be part of a pilot study in the West Norfolk area for the treatment of acute low back pain on the NHS. In fact, we are the only providers of chiropractic care for this scheme.

The scheme applies for many, though not all, types of low back pain, whatever its cause. If the measures your GP has advised for your low back pain have not helped you, he or she is likely to then refer you for 'manual therapy' under the scheme, which means of course that you get your treatment without charge, under the NHS. Once your GP has made the referral, you will be sent a letter asking you to phone the 'Choose and Book' Centre, and when you do you will need to decide what type of treatment you would like to have. To date, more people have chosen to have chiropractic treatment than one of the other therapies available!

You may have your own particular preference of what treatment would suit you; your GP may have advised you; you may wish to take into account how far you will need to travel, and how long you will have to wait for an appointment (the Choose and Book people will advise you on this); and you may want to consider what services are provided where you will be seen, for example parking, ground floor access, evening or Saturday appointments.

As chiropractors we use a wide range of different techniques to treat low back pain; we use, of course, the characteristic manipulative techniques, but we also use other techniques as well, including mobilisation, massage, and other muscle or soft tissue techniques. Both chiropractors are experienced practitioners, with 32 and 15 years in practice respectively. We advise on exercises, to strengthen and stabilise the involved area, posture, work related issues and other lifestyle changes. All of these are designed to provide the maximum improvement as quickly as is achievable.

Your chiropractor will discuss with you what treatment approach will suit you best, and of course, if you would prefer that the chiropractor uses some techniques but not others, this can always be accommodated, so for example you might prefer a gentle, non-manipulative approach, which your chiropractor is fully qualified to provide. Your first visit will take approximately 45 minutes and subsequent visits approximately 30 minutes.

To provide a comprehensive service in the West Norfolk area, we are also working in the northern area, from both the Burnham Market and Snettisham Surgeries; and the eastern area, from the Plowright Medical Centre in Swaffham. Our waiting times for all of these locations is usually 2-4 days, so if we receive your details on a Monday, we would normally expect to see you before the end of that week.