The E Word!

We all know that Exercise is important, yet so many of us don't do it enough! Exercise has always been an important part of a comprehensive chiropractic approach to spinal pain. Injury or degeneration cause weakness and instability, leading to re-occurrences and stiffness. Exercise builds endurance and flexibility, improves function and reduces pain.

Recent government- sponsored guidelines, based on exhaustive reviews of the available research, confirm that exercise is beneficial for many types of joint pain. The research reveals the following important facts:

Your chiropractor is likely to discuss with you, at some stage, exercises which you can and should do to help your recovery and to enable you to maintain your improvement. This gives you the tools you need to help yourself in the long term!

At King's Lynn Chiropractic Clinic we have a rehab area, which is available to rent at a competitive price of £5 per hour.